Kecak Dance and it own unique things in it.

kecak and fire dance at uluwatu temple,bali

Its been a while , after many years never saw kecak dance at uluwatu, and finally watched it!!! This time was more suprised me, too MANY people 😣😣 until they sit around the dance area and too close to the dancer and fire also. I know the provider doesn’t want to make tourist dissapointed by just selling all tickets without limitation. And they just forget sometimes they still need think about the safety of the people(tourists and dancers). Hope they can find best solutions for this.

Despite of it, i still amazed also with the sunset and the vibe during the show, clear sunset from indian ocean, and so colourful people from all over the world. Maybe almost half world countries were in one places. And another suprise is, this show always full everyday!!! Always!!!

Kecak dance , one of the famous dance in bali. They makes sound, music from their own voice with very constant, harmony, and compilations from 42 dancers. You can hear many kinds of different sounds are made and sound very good in one harmony. In this kecak dance at uluwatu, its already modern, they combine between kecak and rama shinta story, one of epic from mahabrata old stories. Here also you can see the hanoman monkey has his very important things during the show, full of suprises, moving so fast, and makes a lot of contact to tourists, and became one of plus value for this show. for video link to

For all tourists who interest to watch this, you can tell your driver that you want to see this show. The cost of the show ticket was 100k, children 50k and for temple entrance adult 30k , and children 20k. Maybe its a lil bit pricey but worth to do at least once in your life. Ah, this place is located at uluwatu temple, bali – indonesia. They start at 6pm and make sure you already there 5pm so you have extra time for pictures and sightseeing before the show time, because 20mins before, you need to walk to the stage to save your ass. 😂😂

For more informations or maybe you need driver with transports to bring you there, you can contact me ☺️ Orchid Annelies Wibawa

Bhinneka Tunggal ika
Unity in diversity

Have an amazing day

With love from bali,

Orchid Annelies

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